missing ‘{‘ before ‘:’

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این را اینجا می نویسم که اگه یه بد بخت دیگه هم این مشکل رو داشت توی اینترنت گشت راه حل را پیدا کنه نه اینکه یک ساعت وقتش تلف بشه.

Found the solution for this: If you’ve ever figured out what stupid C++ compiler means by “: error C2143: syntax error : missing ‘{‘ before ‘:'” you are a geneous geek.

If you are running x64 windows and compiling a .c file in MATLAB and you’ve already seeing this error even after all the necessary changes in the header file, you may want to change the extension of the file into .cpp! VS C++ 2008+ compiler automatically considers .c files as old C files and .cpp files as C++! No other workaround!

C++ compiler is stupid! Matrix stupid!


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  1. vahid Says:

    C++ is not a good and wise designed language and Microsoft made it dumber and dumber !!

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